2016 District12 Bid Euchre Group

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2016 Curling Gold

2016 GOLD Medal Team L-R Donna Todd, Rene Germaine, Suzanne Morrow, Paul Desormeaux (Skip)


2016 Curling Silver

2016 SILVER Medal Team L-R Bob Burke, Sheri Burke, Suzanne Joly, Brian Brose (Skip)


2016 Curling Bronze

2016 BRONZE Medal Team L-R Bruce Bellaire, Beth Bellaire, Donna Tindale-Henderson, John Henderson (Skip)


2016 Euchre GOLD

2016 Euchre SILVER

2016 Euchre BRONZE

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Opening Ceremonies


The Piper leads in the VIP's to the podium.

P1130055   P1130056  2016 08 09 20.01.08

Procession of the District flags.

P1130062    Gail Prior, President of OSGA                                  


 P1130063  The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Leutenant Governor of Ontario

 P1130064  Eleanor Mcmahon, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport.

P1130072    Local entertainment.

P1130074  Passing of the flag to Mississauga, host of the 2018 OSGA 55+ Summer Games.

P1130079   P1130048  

P1130050  P1130078


The OSGA 55+ Flame.

P1130076  Pachi, former mascot of the 2015 Toronto Pan-Am Games, and now working for Games Ontario.